The Suck is a finalist

The Suck - the first play in the 7-play cycle - was just named a 2017 Finalist for the New Works Festival at Kitchen Dog Theatre.

I'm honored to be included with so many talented folks!

Two New EPs!

With the help of friends and collaborators I've recorded two brand new EPs. It's the first time in nearly a decade I've pressed record and lumped a few songs together.

Handful of Flowers and Handful of Dirt are made up three new songs a piece. You can listen to them here and on Soundcloud.

And stay tuned for new shows to hear the songs live.

Grad Center Library Visual Display Award

I'm excited to announce that I have been awarded the CUNY Graduated Center Library Visual Display Award for the Louis Armstrong House Museum Writers Residence that I have been happily running for the past 8 years. With this gracious award comes an exhibit of the beautiful and varied art that has been produced over the years by our residents. 

Starting January 30 you will be able to view text, posters, 'zines, post cards, and other materials created out of residence on display at the Grad Center library through May.

Please take a moment if you find yourself in mid town to duck into the Grad Center and peruse the amazing work that continues to be developed in collaboration with the Armstrong House and the Queens College MFA in Creative Writing and Literary Translation.

Artists' Salon: Post Election

There are a lot of emotions and confusion and scrambling to figure out how best to combat the dangerous rhetoric and action of president-elect donald trump. I'm happy to say that the arts community, especially theatre, is standing up and doing what it does best. There are many events in the works, so keep checking back to find out more information.

December 6 I'll be co-hosting an artists' salon held by Wise Fish Theatre Collective. It's an open platform to share work and ideas in reaction to or rebellion of the aftermath of the election. If you wish to sign up and be part of the night, sign up HERE.

For information regarding other events happening around the country check out National Month of Outrage: Theatre Artists Unite.